Where to buy the product? 
The product is available in Israel Only
Do you have different sizes?
Yes, We have 2 sizes: the family size and the party size.
Which fillings can I use?
You can actually use almost all fillings as long as they are spreadable and not runny or liquid. Buttercream and chocolate ganache give the best results but you can use whipped heavy cream or chocolate spread .
Can I get my own design?
Yes you can, I will cost you an extra 40 NIS.
Can I put the kit in the oven?
Certainly not! The plastic packaging and the fondant would melt.
Do I need to store the kit in the fridge?
No need to refrigerate the kit. 
Can I froze the kit?
Yes you can, with a cake in it or without it! Just remember to defrost gradually - one day before consuming in the fridge and one hour at room temperature just before flipping the cake to avoid condensation (wet finish). 
Does the product contain gluten  and lactose?
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